istanbul escort 10 Argumentos En Contra De La Legalizacion De Las Drogas

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However, the experience of countries such as the United States and Spain shows that education, prevention and combating the production and consumption of narcotic drugs reduce consumption statistics. Contrary to the argument of the sovereign freedom of the individual to do what he wants with his health. And to enjoy the right to use drugs, those who believe that ensuring the well-being of citizens is also the job of governments to ensure that their individual choice has an impact on society as a whole. Ultimately, it is the abstainers who have to bear the economic burden of restoring the physical and mental health of addicts Today we are going to talk about the arguments against the legalization of drugs and what they are based on to draw conclusions. We have already talked about the risk of drugs in another article: the risks of drug use. Home » 9 arguments against the legalization of drugs 4. The 2010 World Report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime shows “good news in the fight against the production and consumption of substances”. “The total area under cocaine cultivation has fallen by 13% since 2007.” This is mainly due to “the elimination of 58% of Colombian crops”. 8. Finally, the Deputy Director of El País concludes by stressing that “if there is a collision between two utopias”, that is to say between the supporters of the legalization of drugs and those who ban them to put an end to the problem, “the obligation of governments must be to navigate in the direction in which the health and integrity of their populations are best guaranteed”. From his article “The Mistake of Legalizing the Sale of Drugs,” in which he recalls that drug lords “run an illegal trade of more than $250,000 million a year and serves 250 million users worldwide,” eight arguments in favor of the non-legalization of drugs can be inferred. One of the immediate consequences of legalization would be increased consumption. Although experiments with guinea pigs show that drug use increases or decreases in proportion to the ease or difficulty of maintaining it, we know that other factors influence people.

In any case, given the debate about whether the best way to combat the devastation caused by drugs, especially among younger people, is to legalize them or combat it, there are enough compelling reasons to remember why they are banned and why they should continue to be banned. Since minors would not have access to drugs that would become illegal for them, they would try to break the law by going to the black market. Faced with those who advocate at least the legalization of so-called “soft drugs,” there are experts who say that it would be even more counterproductive to legalize some drugs and not others because the mafia would focus on spreading illegal drugs. 3. Even if a consensus were reached on the exercise of strict state control over drug trafficking, this “cannot be resolved by most countries, with weak governments and limited resources to enforce it.” We have already talked about the advantages and disadvantages of drugs in another article that you also have compared to this other article on why people use drugs? can read. The strongest argument is that only the UN could formalize the legalization of drugs, a reason shared even by those who want an end to prohibition. At present, it is very difficult to achieve this if we take into account the fact that 160 countries should agree, some of which have veto power and are against it, such as the United States. 2.

The regulation of drugs in the world will not be able to “prevent illegal formulas (mafias) that bring drugs to minors, for example”. It is paradoxical to be told that there is a costly and unnecessary war on drugs when we see on a daily basis how drug trafficking is tolerated and the opportunities are known, like the drug cities that even appear on television shows. In the same interview, when asked about the debate over whether or not drugs should be legalized worldwide, and after the recent proposal made by former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González in favor of legalization, Aguirre replied that this proposal should be investigated because “we have been pursuing drug trafficking for many years.” 7. Drugs are therefore “not legal entities that deserve equal treatment that consolidates their struggle for universal legality”. At the same time, “it also does not seem to be a right to get high, which is recognized in charters or constitutions.” In contrast, Europe, which sources cocaine from Peru and Bolivia, has doubled its users from 2 million to 4.1 million in ten years. With regard to the regularization of the market by the state, as proposed by the anti-prohibition, those who consider legalization unnecessary argue that those who are addicted to drugs would thus be caught buying on the illegal market. Where prices would certainly be lower, although their quality would also decrease. Therefore, the crime would not be stopped. Those who believe that the legalization of drugs would only exacerbate the problem are the majority in our society.

And you need to be aware of the negativity of most substances. Not only in terms of disorders and addictions, but also because of what they produce in a person when they are abused. On September 30, the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, expressed her commitment to the global legalization of prostitution and drugs in statements on the Veo 7 television channel. On the other hand, it is not surprising that Felipe González is now proposing a legalization of drugs, which was not proposed at any time when he was president of the government. If it is proven that marijuana causes psychiatric problems, then how can we allow the future of this country to be destroyed, we are not interested in anyone, if marijuana has therapeutic effects, it should be sold only and exclusively in pharmacies and with a doctor`s prescription for patients who need it, our youth is in danger and with them countries need it, who think so, a platform to collect signatures and ask the government to ban your email address will not be published. Mandatory fields are marked with *: “Cannabis use increased from 11.2 to 9.2 per 100 adults who used cannabis last year. From 36.6% to 29.8% for minors,” González quotes in her article. It is paradoxical that Esperanza Aguirre is speaking on this issue, which, as President of the Community of Madrid, has withdrawn funds from associations to help drug addicts and closed centres for people in poor condition, such as the Narco-Room in Las Barranquillas, resources that have been lost and not replaced by others.

The president of the Autonomous Community of Madrid referred to countries such as Afghanistan and Colombia, which are involved in “real civil wars” as a result of this global scourge. Proponents of non-legalization also believe that organized crime would transform its lucrative drug trafficking routes into other criminal acts. Related Reading: Alcoholism, Treatment, Effects, Types. 1. It is totally unthinkable “an indifferent society that leaves the possibility of seeing a good part of its members legally destroyed”. 5. The National Pharmacare Plan in Spain was transferred from the Ministry of the Interior to the Ministry of Health in 2004. Since then, this decision to share a police check with a health and prevention approach has reduced consumption figures in Spain. However, the perception of risk would decrease and it is possible that if a group of friends or even relatives consumed, the undecided would do the same. Given this, anti-prohibitionists argue that there would be a time when consumption would stabilize, as was the case with the repeal of prohibition in the United States. In this sense, it is worth reminding Aguirre that portraying prostitution as an activity that can be legalized means accepting that there may be a legal way out of human trafficking.

In the case of locally grown cannabis, it is not excluded that this harvest for self-consumption does not transcend and begin to feed their environment, which would again feed the black market. On the other hand, the most disadvantaged and vulnerable social groups would be those who would end up depending. And those who have fewer resources to overcome this addiction. As El País` deputy editor, Berna González, points out in an article published in that newspaper on October 1, the argument that “since eliminating drug addiction is impossible, let`s legalize it” is not the best option.

10 Argumentos En Contra De La Legalizacion De Las Drogas